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AnTherm (Analysis of Thermal behavior of Building Constructions with Heat Bridges) is a powerful program used for heat flow calculation in building construction elements - the thermal heat bridges and vapor bridges. Thermal Bridge Assessment can be executed easily, quickly and precisely with AnTherm. Having deep knowledge of the physically well-founded concept of thermal coupling coefficients and with more then 30 years of experience in development and use of thermal heat bridge applications the AnTherm has established to be very powerful but easy to use program package. The basic fundamentals of developed theory (reference provided within the book "Wärmebrücken / Cold Bridges") have been taken over into the international "thermal heat bridges" standard. Therefore it is an easy task to develop AnTherm conforming to standards and to fully satisfy validation test criteria.

AnTherm is a powerful program package for the calculation of temperature distributions and heat flows in building structures - particularly such with thermal heat bridges (cold bridges). For the technically qualified designer, AnTherm is a reliable, indispensable tool in meeting the demands of the current European standards (EN) for evaluating thermal performance thoroughly and precisely.

This Thermal Heat / Cold Bridge Simulation Software calculates the distribution of temperature, heat streams and vapor diffusion streams within building components of arbitrary form and built as composite of arbitrary materials. Furthermore AnTherm can compute and evaluate the dew point values (condensing humidity) at all component surfaces as well as partial vapor pressure in components interior. This application is also suitable for analyzing dynamic behavior of building components (for periodic, harmonic, transient boundary conditions).
For the technically qualified designer, AnTherm is a reliable, indispensable tool in meeting the demands of the current standards (ISO, EN, ...) for evaluating thermal performance thoroughly and precisely.
The detailed analysis of thermal bridges for passive house planning, energy efficiency assessment or certification need not be complex nor sophisticated today.

2D or 3D modelling of the thermal heat bridge (cold bridge) within a unique graphical user interface (more...)
2D models can be instantly converted to 3D models. It is also possible to immediately model in 3D.

3D and 2D stationary (steady state) and transient (harmonic, periodic) heat flow simulation (more...)

Modeling of multiple space cases and volumetric heat sources (power-, heating sources or sinks)

Standard conforming, detailed and fast calculation (validated conform to EN ISO 10211 and EN ISO 10077) - stationary - and transient (harmonic, periodic) EN ISO 13786

Coupling coefficient matrix values (Leitwerte L3D or L2D) and precision criteria (Close-Up error) (more...)

Psi - Linear thermal transmittance Ψ with graphical evaluation (more...)

Χ (chi) all input for point thermal transmittance

Temperature distribution (2D and/or 3D)

Interactive definition of arbitrary probe points and slice views

Dew point on the surfaces of the construction (condensing humidity)

Θ*i, g*i,j, f*Rsi:  coldest point of each space Ti*, temperature weighting factor g* and
temperature factor fRsi* (more...)

Advanced 3D-visualisation, slice views, exploded views, transparency and many more (more...)

2D- und 3D - result representations - meaningful, easily understood

Heat Stream followed interactively in 3D (heat flux and heat stream vector field)

Saturated Vapor Pressure in components interior (even without the VAPOR-Option ! )

Slope/Roundness (more...)

Surface Temperature Gradient for 2D projects - Visualization (more...)

Colormap image created with AnTherm to visualize the distribution of heat flow flux at one space surrounded by 8 interior spaces at the edge of the building (10-space case) [the exemplary coloured image show the heat flux distribution; regions shown in red emphasize high heat stream densities]

HARMONIC- and TRANSIENT-Option (Periodic calculation of dynamic (harmonic) coupling coefficients for time-dependent boundary conditions)

Video of the timeline animation (more...)

Earth-coupled systems (more...)

With the VAPOR-Option:

Stationary Vapor Diffusion analysis, Partial Pressure distribution (more...)

Evaluation of Vapor Core Condensation Risk within components interior

Vapor Diffusion Stream followed interactively in 3D


Visualization with Isolines, streamlines, hedgehog vectors, isosurfaces, isotherms, model slices and many more

Enhancement of reports with direct transfer of images (export)

DXF Import (AutoCAD, Waebru, Kobru,...) (more...)

3D DXF Import and IFC Import (Revit) (more...)

Database of materials (material database of DIN, Ö-Norm etc.)

Simple control, little learning effort, Promptitude of results

Computational capabilities of the thermal bridge software AnTherm include, amongst others:

steady state (stationary) and transient calculation of the temperature field in building constructions in two- and three-dimensional modeling
fully automatic calculation of the matrix if thermal conductance coefficients L2D or L3D
completely automated calculation of linear thermal transmittance Ψ (psi)
transient periodic, harmonic calculation of the matrix of dynamic (harmonic) coupling coefficients
fully automatic determination of temperature weighting factors at locations of lowest surface temperature for all modeled spaces
applicable and suitable with very detailed components (e.g. facades, window frames, ...) and for very large, extensive calculation cases (e.g. components in contact with ground, whole space envelopes, groups of spaces, ...)
calculation and visualization of the distribution of relative condensing humidity at all surfaces
calculation of the field of partial vapor pressure and, having the difference built to saturation pressure easy identification of core condensation risk within the component (with DAMPF-Option),
extensive capabilities of three dimensional graphical evaluation and visualization in 3D

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